How To Make Your Dick Bigger Naturally & Fast Without Pills

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Score Yourself A FREE SizeGenetics Penis Extender Worth $398.95!

Contents Overview

1. My Credentials
2. Before & After Photos
3. My Ultimate Formula For Fast Penis Growth
4. Penis Extenders
6. Penis Enlargement Pumps
7. Jelqing Exercises
8. Nutrition for Penis Growth
9. Enlargement With Or Without Pills
10. Your Goals & How To Achieve Them

1. My Credentials


Hi, I'm Dale Turner and welcome to my site - I'm happy to see you here!

I've been involved in the male enhancement industry going on 5 years now in a number of different roles including product reviews, testing & sampling.

I've developed this FREE, NO B.S! guide on how to make your dick bigger in the fastest time possible.

2. Real Before & After Photos

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3. My Ultimate Formula For Fast Penis Growth


This is a forumla using the best penis enlargment growth techniques combined in to a 60 day program.

Here's How It Works


Perform the following steps daily for the next 60 days and you will grow at least 1- 2 inches bigger:

Step 1: Increase Blood Flow

Every morning get some blood flowing to the penis for around 5 to 8 minutes.

You can do this easily in the shower or bath using a pump like the Penomet.

Visible results within first 15 minutes of use and increase penis size by up to 3 inches in length and 30% in girth!

The Penomet Pump Delivers Visible Results Fast! Within The First 15 Minutes Of Use & Increases Penis Size By Up To 3 Inches In Length & 30% In Girth!

It’s best to use a Penis Pump but you can get away with just doing some Jelqing Exercises which is a free approach that works well.

Step 2: Apply Traction

phallosan forte review gains and results

The PHALLOSAN® forte Traction Device Is Very Comfortable To Wear & Is A Great Choice For Beginners

Traction is a growth technique that works by gently stretching the penis. The cells within penis split and then multiply resulting in new tissue growth.

Once you have got the blood flowing to your penis you will then need to wear A PENILE TRACTION DEVICE afterwards for the next 4 to 8 hours.

Size Genetics and PHALLOSAN® Forte (great choice for beginners) are the two best traction devices that I would recommend you use.

Step 3: Jelqing Routine 

Right after you take the traction device off perform this easy Jeqing routine as shown in the picture below.Jelqing Technique

Have you ever seen a cow getting milked? Simply apply the same principal to your penis.

  1. Using your dominant hand, make an OK sign by touching you index finger to your thumb.
  2. Put the index finger and thumb around the base of your penis and then gradually move the hand towards the head of your penis using the same pressure as if you were milking a cow.
  3. Let go just before reaching the head of the penis...This makes up one complete repetition.

Repeat this procedure 20 times as a beginner

You can further intensify the workout with more reps as you become more experienced in this practice.

How To Perform Jelqing Exercise Video

Step 4: Feed Your Penis With Growth Nutrients

Once you have finished training your weapon you will need to give it the best nutrients possible for growth and repair.

You can do this for free by eating foods that trigger growth or by taking supplements that are specifically designed to stimulate the growth of new cells in the body.


Zinc Is a sex hormone that increases sperm production & blood flow necessary for natural penis growth


Lean Proteins:

Needed for growth and repair of penis cells - Free Range Eggs (at least 6 per day), Tuna, salmon, low fat cottage cheese, organic brazil nuts & cashews.

Arginine Rich Foods:

This triggers the release of natural growth hormone & dilates the blood vessels within the penisEat free range chicken, turkey, lentils, pumpkin seeds and nuts.

The Best Natural Penis Enlargement Supplement: Male Extra

best penis pills

Not 100% necessary BUT you will get results much faster if you use them in the 60 day program

I use this supplement regularly when I first started growing penis. I needed something that would increase the amount of blood that my penis could hold to help grow it's size.

I also needed something that would promote blood flow & provide it with all the essential nutrients it needed to grow.

It's not 100% necessary to take this supplement but I can honestly say it helped me a great deal and it's really trying if your really serious about penis enlargement.

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Step 5: Keep Track Of Your Progress

Penis Enlargement Isn't A Sprint - It’s A Marathon! But With Time DEDIACTION & EFFORT You Will Get A Longer Thicker Penis - It’s Clinically Proven!best male enhancement

If you commit to this program for 60 days you will get results but you will need to stay motivated and don't give up. Take a before picture and every 2 weeks take a progress shot. I've also included a printable guide here that will help you keep track of your gains. The Phallosan Forte extender comes with has a handy IPhone app that you can use to keep track of your progress.

 My #1 Pick For Natural Penis Enlargment - SizeGenetics™

how to make your penis bigger without pills

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Average Expected Gains By Using SizeGenetics™

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What Is Traction And How Will It Make My Penis Bigger?

Traction is an 8,000 year old approach to growing various body parts to amazing lengths used historically by tribes in the Amazons, Africa, and Birmania.

Traction is used today by thousands of men around the world who’re interested in achieving discreet, comfortable, safe and natural penis enlargement that guarantees permanent results.

How does it work? Simple… It keeps the penis in a constant state of tension by pulling it away from the body.

This triggers penis tissues to breakdown which causes the penis cells multiply to deal with the damage, just like body building.

When the cells multiply, new tissue is created and it allows the penis to grow naturally.

Since traction is a natural technique, it’s safe and it delivers real results in a matter of months.

The great thing about using this approach is that that if you’re committed enough to put in the time enough the gains can be immense.

Honestly, you’re not going to grow 2 inches bigger in a couple of weeks like most penis pill merchants will try and sell you.

It does takes commitment, but if you’re willing to put in the time you’ll find the results are definitely worth it.

Traction is the only clinically proven penis enlargement approach that is backed by science to make your penis bigger

make your dick bigger without pills

Clinical Endorsements & Feedback From The Medical World

how to make you dick bigger without supplements

how to make your penis bigger naturally

How to get a bigger dick

how to get a bigger dick

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