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Does Penis Size Really Matter? What I’ve Learnt Will Astound You!


You don’t need to be super huge you just need to fill her up nicely

Ok, There is no hard and fast answer to this one…both men and women have different thoughts and opinions about penis size, but having said that there are a few common certainties about what women want from a man.

  1. Self-confidence – this is an absolute must.
  2. A penis large enough to give them physical pleasure.
  3. An above average sized penis – not a monster cock that’s going to hurt them.
  4. A man who can rise to the occasion with no erectile dysfunction issues
  5. The ability to make her cum and have those intense toe curling orgasms.
  6. Someone who can consistently go the distance with her in bed who doesn’t cum early.

All of the above is what I’ve learnt over the years to be true with women in every case.

We all have different backgrounds and reasons for wanting to purse male enhancement but above all the most important point to remember is self confidence.

Penis Size & Vagina Size:

pens and vagina measurementsHere’s an interesting fact about the vagina – the average size is only around 3 inches deep, maybe a little more when a woman is fully aroused.

So the old saying it’s what you do with it” really holds true.

So keeping in mind that the average vagina size is only 3 inches or so deep, do you really think most women look forward to taking on a 10 inch monster?

The answer is DEFINITELY NOT. That sounds like a real daunting scenario that’s most likely going to end in some serious pain for them.

Having said that that I said MOST women are likely to feel this way but keep in mind there are some freaks out there that love the novelty of some monster cock inside them, but that’s another story.

The main thing I want to drive home (no pun intended) is that all you need is to be just large enough down there for her to become sexually stimulated and to be filled up nice and snugly.

The vagina is meant to accommodate the penis and since men have all different shapes and sizes the vagina can actually adapt to the size of the penis that is coming in as long as it’s done slowly.

So Do Women Actually Care About The Size Of Your Penis?

does penis size matterHaving a penis size in the 6- 7 inch range is more than enough to satisfy a woman in terms of length.

The reality is women tend to care less about the length of the penis and more about the girth. Length is pretty much irrelevant after you go 4-5 inches in to the vagina as it stops producing any sensation.

On the other hand the girth of the penis plays a massive role in the amount of sexual pleasure a woman gets from making love.

The Reason being a penis with a decent amount of thickness or girth gives her that feeling of being filled up and put’s direst pressure on the walls of her vagina.

It’s pretty fortunate for you all that girth is the easiest thing to attain in penis enlargement, you can even achieve temporary gains in thickness by using a penis pump right before sex.

So the main thing to remember if you’re doing penis enlargement to try and impress a woman in the bedroom is that the most impressive and sought after quality woman are after in a guy is his ability to make her orgasm consistently and without fail – this is true for a one night fling or your life partner.


Now Time For The Good News!

If your penis size is a little below average in terms of length or thickness you can use a professional penis extender such as SizeGenetics to add some size length and girth to your package permanently. Check out my detailed Sizegenetics review here.

That extra size is going to boost your self confidence in the bedroom which I said earlier is one of the key qualities a woman is looking for in a man.

The SizeGenetics Extender come with a full 60 money back guarantee, there’s no financial risk if you want to give it a try.




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Does Penis Size Really Matter? What Women Really Want In A Man
Ok, There is no hard and fast answer to this one…both men and women have different thoughts and opinions about penis size, but having said that there are a few common certainties about what women want from a man.
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