An Overview Of Phallosan Forte Gains & Results: With Clinically Backed Before and After Proof!

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Everyone wants to know how well this extender really works and the Phallosan Forte results that one could expect to gain if you choose to give it a go.

The reality is just like any other part of the body. If you want to it to grow you need to train it whether it’s your arms, legs or your yes guys even your penis.

The old saying Rome wasn’t built in a day applies here my friends!

It takes time! Anyone that tries to tell you otherwise is lying to you straight up!

In this article we cover what you can expect in terms of gains when you use Phallosan Forte to grow your penis and the results one can realistically expect to achieve.

How does the Phallosan Forte Work?

Phallosan Forte is a medical device developed in Germany prescribed by doctors to men all across the globe to add inches your penis and treat a myriad of sexual performance issues with guys including pyronies disease and erectile dysfunction.

Phallosan works on the principal of traction.

Traction is like a continuous stretching that train the penis to grow. The device stretches your penis from the pelvic bone through the head of the penis using an adjustable belt system.

It’s like a cross between two well-known devices in the penis enlargement – SizeGenetics (a well known extender) and the bath mate which uses a vacuum pump to enhance girth.

I’ll give you a full rundown but first watch this explainer video that tells you all about the device.

Phallosan Forte Side Effects

So what side effects can you expect if you decide to try Phallosan Forte?

Well the good news is there are loads of positives and no harmful negatives according to the manufactures.

The deal is Phallosan Forte will help you increase gains in both length and girth of your penis and will also straighten it out which is great for people who suffer from Peyronies disease (curvature of the penis).

Phallosan is also proven to help sufferers of erectile dysfunction (not being able to get it up).

Phallosan Forte Gains

The gains all depends on the person involved and how dedicated they are to achieving their goals.

You can’t expect to wear it for just a couple of weeks and expect to gain a couple of inches.

You need to use it consistently and on a regular basis for at least a couple of months.

If you do most users can expect to gain an average of 1 inch in just a couple of months.

Remember, the longer you wear it, the longer your gains will be and they are permanent!

This is the most comfortable device I know of currently on the market that will help you achieve penis gains.

The gains come from the results of training of the penis like I mentioned earlier.

The training triggers myokinesis within the penis which is just another fancy word for cell division.

What happens is the cells in your penis divide and split as you wear the device divide and new cells come in to replace the damaged cells.

The end result is tissue growth in length AND girth of your penis!

Don’t be concerned about cell damage, the process is completely painless, you won’t even notice it and is quite similar to lifting weights.

Phallosan Forte Before And After

Many people who write to me are really curious about what to expect before and after you try Phallosan Forte.

Again I say It’s not a sprint it’s a marathon!

That’s right guys. No easy fix here.

The makers of Phallosan Forte clinical study by the manufactures don’t lie. It’s proven.

Here’s what they found based on their studies

• The top performers in the study increased the length of their penis by 2 inches in 6 months
• The top performers in the study increased their overall erection size by 1.5 inches within 3 months and by 1.8 Inches in six months.
• The top performers increased their girth by an inch within 3 months.

These results were obtained from an official study urological clinic in Germany. No B.S

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What was the average growth for the average guy?

The Phallosan before and after gains studies concluded that on AVERAGE the patients that took part in the study gained an increase of 1.4 inches in Non erect state of the penis by 1.5 inches.

But the best part was… All of these results were permanent.

That’s right! The results are yours forever.

And they can keep getting better and better. There’s no limits on how big you can grow if your dedicated enough and are willing to use Phallosan Forte for longer than six months.

How does Phallosan Forte Help If You If You Have Erectile Dysfunction?

Phallosan Forte promotes blood to the penis and is going to get more oxygen and nutrients there to help harden up your erections.

Your erection strength is determined in a huge way by the AMOUNT of BLOOD FLOW you have going down there.

Phallosan Forte works especially well in combination with natural penis growth supplements.

If your after serious gains you need to give your penis the right fuel it needs to grow.

The very best supplement I’ve found that will DRAMATICALLY enhance your results is Male Extra

Bottom Line: Does Phallosan Forte Really Work?

Guys if you want to grow your penis using a seriously comfortable extender then this is the best device to use period

Be prepared to wear the device for at least 4-6 hours a day 5 days a week for a couple of months and you will grow your penis permanently!

Now you CAN, wear Phallosan while you are sleeping! I’ve tried it and it works!

You only need to take it off when you need to take a piss is all.

So Is Phallosan Forte Really That Comfortable??

Absolutely YES!

Matter of fact It’s the most comfortable device I’ve ever used to have on in your everyday life and no one is going to know you have it on It’s that discreet.

Most extenders have a crazy bulge to it that’s easy to notice when you have it. NOT this one!

Phallosan Forte Results: Is It Really Worth It?

Yes Guys Absolutely It Is. BUT ONLY If Your Willing To Dedicate Yourself to Training Your Penis!

Guys, doctors around the world are recommending this device as the first course of action as opposed to penile corrective surgery and other crazy methods for good reason.

The alternative which is going to cost you thousands of dollars $$$ and may actually make you lose size in time.

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