phallosan forte reviewPhallosan Forte Review 

“This Phallosan Forte Review Show’s You Why It’s The Only Penis Extender You’ll Ever Need! “Wear It To Bed To Add Inches In Your Sleep!” As Sold in Over Over 50,000 Pharmacies Worldwide. For A Good Reason!”

Today I’ve got a ground breaking review of a penis extender that’s just killing it right now known as Phallosan Forte

This state of the art extender is kicking goals and taking the penis enlargement game to a whole other level…

After a long time of recommending SizeGenetics, I think its been demoted by Phallosan Forte – Read my Phallosan Forte Review and you’ll see why!

Why is it so good? It’s The Most Comfortable, Easy To Use Extender I’ve Ever Tried, No One Will Ever Notice You Have It On. Plus You Can Wear It While You Sleep!

Combine this with the clinical tests that guarantees it works and you have an extender that’s worth it’s weight in gold to size to your penis!

What Is Phallosan Forte?

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PHALLOSAN FORTE® is an FDA approved, unique penis extender system manufactured by a German company with over 14 years of experience in the field.

You Can Buy the extender only from the OFFICIAL PHALLOSAN FORTE WEBSITE – the company is based in Germany, called Swiss Sana.

Please be wary of imitation or counterfeit Chinese products that look similar as they are dangerous to use and may cause permanent damage to your penis.

Phallosan Forte Customer Review & Testomonial

How Phallosan Forte Work?

how does the phallosan forte work

The manner in which it works is incredibly simple, which makes the device brilliant.

The Phallosanforte results to expect will easily surpass the effectiveness of all other products that the market has to offer.

The system consists of a tension belt, a pump and a glass bell.

The suction creates vacuum and pulls the penis away from the body. This way, the penile tissue is kept in a state of constant tension.

Having it on isn’t painful at all or uncomfortable, enabling many men to use the device for hours at a time (some even use it for up to 10 hours per day for faster results).

As it pulls the penis away from the body, Phallosan Forte creates the gentle breakdown of tissue – which leads to growth.

In order to replace the damaged area, the body starts the process of cell replication

As new tissue grows and the penis is kept in a state of tension, both its length and its girth get permanently increased.

How To Use Phallosan Forte

Phallosan Forte Gains & Results to Expect

phallosan forte gains and resultsThe Phallosan Forte Gains and results to expect will vary depending on how often you use it. If you use Phallosan Forte for a few hours everyday in a matter of weeks you will notice:

  • Increase in both the length and the girth of the penis
  • Non-surgical and highly effective treatment for Peyronie’s disease
  • Ability to overcome mild to moderate erectile dysfunction since the pump forces more blood to enter the penile tissue
  • Increased confidence and reduced performance anxiety
  • Ability to last longer and have more control over sexual performance

swiss ansa phallosan forte reviewsbuy phallosan forte

You choose the growth that you want to accomplish with Phallosan Forte! keep in mind wearing it for two or three weeks cannot produce miraculous growth but you’ll still notice the difference.

Consistency and a bit of dedication are needed for an average growth of an inch per 2 months.

For even more impressive permanent gains, wear it longer.

How Long Do You Need To Wear It To See Results?

Phallosan Forte ResultsIn our Phallosan Forte Review we found The usual period during which men wear the extender is six to eight hours per day.

Most men use it five or six days per week.

Many choose to wear it while they sleep, so they don’t feel awkward while doing everyday chores.

The Phallosan Forte makers had their traction device tested by a renowned German urology clinic.

After six months of testing, the best result achieved was a 2 inch increase in the length of the erect penis.

Will The Gains Be Permanent?

The effects of using Phallosan Forte depends on consistency and way of use. Visible results will appear within a couple of weeks.

To make permanent gains you should be prepared to use Phallosan Forte consistently for a period of six months.

What’s in the Phallosan Forte Package?

is phallosan forte worth itWhen you open the box for Phallosan forte device you will find a full how to use DVD and a cardboard cut-out measurement to help you decide which sized bell to attach to the head of your penis.

There’s also a quality certification document that confirms you are getting a genuine Phallosan Forte extender.

What you get when you Order Phallosan Forte is:

1.The Elastic belt which is fully adjustable and goes around your waist. The belt has a soft rubber ring at the bottom that fits around your penis and the suction bell that sits comfortably around the top of your penis.

2. 3 different suction bells: Small + Medium + Large. Use the measurement device included to gauge what size fits you best for you.

3. The Silicon cap for the end of your penis. Very Important! The end of your penis is very sensitive & using this will to help protect against any possible discomfort – AGAIN! Very Important!!!

4. Tension Guage: This is attached to a spring system that gauges how much tension you are applying to your penis. Green means low. Yellow is medium. Red is means high tension!

A Note On The Comfort Factor

phallosan forte side effectsThere is something that really strikes me about the product – the comfort!

Naturally, I knew there was something strapped around my organ but no coldness, numbing nor awkward sensations were felt.

They are there with all other extenders that I’ve tried. While I wore it, I felt the pulling, the gentle force that stretched my penis and made it larger.

This is the effect we have all been hearing and reading about. I felt it and it showed the potential of this product.

The Most Discreet Way To Grow Your Penis

The Phallosan Forte is so darn discreet!

When I first started out I used ware it underneath my clothes when I went out & No one EVER noticed I had it on!

While extenders are hard to hide, the strap of this item is fully-compatible with any jeans or pants you might have on.

There is one negative side, though. You cannot urinate with it, you’ll have to take it off every time you go to the bathroom.

Phallosan Forte Side Effects For Erectile Dysfunction

phallosan forte vs penimaster proIn this Phallosan Forte review we found that the stretching action will also improve the circulation in the penis. Enhanced circulation allows more nutrients to reach the tissues and more blood to enter the corpus cavernosum.

The entry of more blood in the spongy tissue can contribute to an enhanced erectile response.

With the increase of blood flow, come more efficient and larger erections. The overall quality of your “up-time” is increased.

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Postage & Handling

If I had to measure discreetness, I would put Phallosan Forte at the top of my list. The package it came in was a standard large USPS priority mail one.

Nothing on the exterior or the labels indicated what the box would contain.

When we talk about fast shipping, barely anyone could beat the NEXT-DAY delivery of these guys.

Detailed instructions and manuals about the Phallosan device are provided by the makers.

The manual includes written, as well as video documentation on how to put the extender on, how to measure size gains and how to make the best possible use of the device.

Is Phallosan Forte Really Worth It?

is phallosan forte worth itIt all sounds great in theory but are there any clinical studies that back up the claims?

One very interesting study was conducted in the beginning of 2005 in a reputable German urology clinic.

The volunteers participating in the study included men aged 20 to 68. All of the volunteers had problems like insufficient penis size, problems stemming from prostate surgery, diabetes and several other complications leading to sub-par performance.

The men were asked to use Phallosanforte for a period of six months.

At the end of the experiment, all of the men had increase in both the length and the girth of their penis (1.9 inches in length and one inch in girth).

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All of the volunteers confirmed that they didn’t experience pain and discomfort during the hours of wearing the device.

One of the men participating in the experiment had abnormal penis curvature, as well.

Within three months of using Phallosanforte, the volunteer experienced a reduction in the curvature from 60 to 40 degrees.

6 Things I Really Love About Phallosan Forte

  • Comfortable to wear
  • Permanent length & girth increases
  • Grow you penis while you sleep – night time friendly
  • You can move about freely when you have it on.
  • Unnoticeable when put underneath your clothes
  • Discreet and safe packaging

4 Things I Really Don’t Like So Much About Phallosan Forte

  • You cannot urinate with it on
  • Only available for purchase online
  • No money-back guarantee. 14-days return for full refund is valid, though.
  • High price you get what you pay for though.

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