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[2018 REVIEW] Phallosan Forte vs X4 Labs – Which Is The Best?

Guy’s, during the last 5 years I have tested EVERY penis enlargement extender,supplement, pump and cream that’s out there on the market.

Some products are highly effective while other’s don’t work at all or worse, have nasty side effects.

If your here chances are your tossing up buying Phallosan Forte Vs X4 Labs.

So which extender will is going to work best for you?

We get dozens of emails daily! All from guys who are thinking of using these extenders to add size to their penis to maximise gains so here’s a quick break down of the different factors to consider.

Phallosan Forte vs X-4 Labs Comparison


Both of these extenders are designed with the same goal in mind, and that is to gradually stretch a penis over a period of time.

If enough stretch force is applied to the penis, it causes small micro-fractures in the penile tissue, and to combat this, the body starts to produce additional cells. This is the exact same process that allows bodybuilders to such big muscles.

The Phallosan Forte – read our full Phallosan Forte Review here & the X4 Labs penis extender have both proven to be very popular, both will do the job but is there any valid reasons why one is better than the other? Let’s find out…

Phallosan Forte vs X4 Labs: Comfort Factor

Winner: Phallosan Fortephallosan forte vs x4 labs review

The biggest difference between these two extenders is that X4 Labs is purely a mechanical device, while Phallosan Forte combines suction and tension.

The X4 Labs is a rigid device into which the penis is inserted. A curved base plate and a special strap are used to secure the penis just below the glans, and then the user can begin to stretch their penis by adjusting the tension bars on either side of the penis.

x4 labs vs

One disadvantages of X4 Labs is that it uses a tension rod system that does stretch the penis quite effectively but does cause some real discomfort to your pelvic bone when used for long periods of time…

With the base of the device firmly pressed again the pubic bone, it is possible to apply up to 4200 grams of tension to the penis. Not very comfortable to wear.

phallosan forte coupon

Phallosan Forte is far more comfortable to wear for longer periods of time.

The Phallosan Forte, on the other hand, uses suction to secure the penis and an adjustable comfort belt system to stretch the penis which you won’t even notice you have on for providing the required amount of tension.

As a result, most men will find this device far more comfortable than the X4 Labs.

Phallosan is hands down the FAR more comfortable device to wear for long perids of time without a doubt! You can even wear it to sleep.

It also takes far less time to put Phallosan Forte on (approx 2 minutes) Vs X4 labs (5 minutes or longer). Phallosan is a real time saver for sure.

Phallosan Forte vs X4 Labs – Price Factor

Phallosan forte price vs X4 labs

Phallosan Forte is $60 USD cheaper than The X4 labs Gold Extender

Advantage: Phallosan Forte

The Phallosan Forte price is $339.00 USD and comes with bonus 4 free condom sleeves. In a discreetly packaged box.

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The Gold Luxury edition X4 labs device runs for $399.00 USD and comes with a large amount of spare parts, Dvds and other extras.

Phallosan Forte vs X4 Labs – Guarantee & Returns Factor

x4 labs vs phallosan guide

X4 labs comes with a 12 month money back guarantee where as Phallosan has 2 weeks only…

Advantage: x4 Labs

The x4 labs extender comes with a 12 month money back guarantee but there where as the Phallosan Forte come with a 2 week money back guarantee where you can send it back if you have any issues with it.

The x4 labs money back guarantee does come with conditions, you need to use the device for 6 months and document your before and after progress with pictures.

You will also be required to pay for the return postage also.

Final Verdict: Phallosan Forte Is The Clear Winner

I personally think that Phallosan Forte, from a side by side comparison as well as from my own personal use is the FAR better penis extender.

It’s more comfortable to wear than the X4 Labs, and will lead to better size gains for your penis because of this.

In my opinion Phallosan is much better value for money compared to X4 labs.

Plus ever guy who I have ever recomennded Phallosan Forte to comes back with good reports about it, but I can’t say the same for x4 labs.

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