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Does Jelqing Exercises REALLY Work? Before & After Results!

Does Jelqing Really Work?Does Jelqing Really Work?

People are often questioning the effectiveness and validity of Jelqing Exercises mainly due to the large amount of people writing negative stuff about jelqing before & after results online.

This is mainly due an increase of penis exercise guides that have been written by people with no medical background or any previous experience on the subject.

That’s why penis exercise guides have gotten such a bad rap…

So does Jelqing really work? The good news is Penis exercises or “Jelqing” when done the right way and with the right plan of attack is a truly cost effective way of enlarging your penis naturally permanently.

All you need is the right approach, and some of time and effort.

jelqing results before and after

Jelqing will work but It does take a while to see results

Jelqing Results Before And After Pictures – What To Expect

If you commit to doing Jeqing for around three to six months you are going to see significant increases in the size of your penis and your overall sex drive as well.

You will get harder, firmer erections that you could fly a flag off!

You will have better ejaculation control and when you cum those orgasms are going to be far more intense.

Sounds all too good to be true right…

Well for those non-believers out there who are a tad sceptical Jelqing has been scientifically proven to work.

 jelqing proof

Jelqing Proof – The Synexus & Harrison Clinical  Study

In this clinical trial 50 men used a leading brand of jelqing exercise guide called Penis Health for 3 months.

Based on the research performed by Synexus & Harrison, within a three month time frame the 50 men had grown an average one point eight inches in length (erect) and one point six inches in girth (erect).

All it took was twenty two minutes of training per day for 5 days a week for 3 months…

So yes, when done the right way, jelqing exercises does work!

How To Jelq Jelq Routine – Step By Step

  1. Get your penis 50 to 80% erect – not all the way
  2. Use a warm moist towel to relax the penis tissue.
  3. Lubricate your penis using coconut oil or VigRX oil & lube
  4. Make an ‘OK’ hand gesture – make a ring with forefinger and thumb together.
  5. Put the Ok at the base of the penis and gently squeeze and roll to the tip of the penis, once your hand has reached the top perform the exact same motion with the opposite hand.
  6. 3 second strokes per hand and alternate.
  7. Listen to your body! When you feel its right to stop, stop and try to do more on your next attempt.
  8. Use a warm moist towel to relax the penis tissue and reduce the possibility of injury.

Jelqing Routine

Jelqing Video Guide

If you asked me I had to grow my penis all over again would I use Jelqing as my first choice approach to get started?

Look to be honest probably not…jelqing is a good way to go if you have lots of spare time to do the exercises but as a pretty time poor guy it’s not really an option for me.

My main method of penis enlargement has always been using Penis Extender mainly due to the fact that;

  • There’s a lower learning curve – Jelqing takes time and with extenders you need to do is just set and forget.
  • Far less commitment to use it on a regular basis to get the big results, they feel nice to wear (this is secret to success enjoy what you’re doing).

Having said that, I’m a firm believer in using growth techniques that work well in combination with one another to help maximize results! I have achieved some pretty awesome gains by doing so.

How To Use Jeqing & Phallosan Forte Together For Maximum Gains

phallosan forte review 2018

Phallosan Forte is one of the best brands of penis extender used by millions of men around the world to help increase penis size.

Although results may vary you can generally expect to grow anywhere between an extra one to three inches bigger in size, an increase most men would be very happy with.

You can get faster and more effective size increases by doing a brief Jelqing routine right before you use Phallosan Forte!

Warm Up With Jelqing Excerises

Jelqing excerises

The Jelqing routine is pretty simple, all you need to do is.

  • Get your penis 50 to 80% erect – not all the way
  • Use a warm moist towel to relax the penis tissue.
  • Do the Ok Jelq routine as mentioned above for around 10 minutes
  • Put on the Phallosan Forte extender.

This easy to do warm up routine is going to help you penis grow bigger & faster too

I highly recommend jelqing exercises both before and after you use Phallosan Forte to restore blood flow to the penis.

Ideally you should jelq and stretch for a few minutes after you use the device. Although it’s not 100% necessary it’s a good safety measure.

Phallosan Forte & Jelqing are a winning combination for penis growth that will help you make some serious gains within just one short month!

In the beginning I just started out using Jelqing on it’s own for two months and made a modest increase of 0.25 of an inch – nothing special really…

The really big gains I made were when I started using Phallosan Forte and then applied Jelqing right before and after I used the extender. Two months later I managed to grow and extra 2.25 inches bigger and I’m still going strong!

SizeGenetics and Jelqing really worked for me and I’m certain if you put this winning combination to you’ll see amazing results as well! Check out my full Phallosan Forte Review to lean more!

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Does Jelqing Work?
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Does Jelqing Work?
Does Jelqing Work? We show you how it works, how to do it and proof it does increase your penis size.