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It’s pretty safe to assume most dudes want some extra size down there…

Problem is you can burn a whole lot of time and money on scams and other unsafe crap that just doesn’t deliver

Average Penis Size

Are You Happy About Your Penis Size? Do You Want To Add Some Inches To Your Length, Girth As Well As Width?… Then Read On…

People ask me, Julian, whats the best way to make your dick bigger naturally?

Well, your going to want to Read EVERY WORD of todays post…

I spill the beans and cut through all the B.S and show you exactly how to make your dick bigger naturally using an 8,000 year old secret known as TRACTION.

Traction grows all kinds of body parts to insane lengths!

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Now first off, you’re probably wondering…

How Penis Enlargement Really Works?

Internal structure of the male penisYour penis is made up of two chambers and a cylinder…

The Chambers are the Corpora Cavernosa and the Cylinder is known as Corpus Spongisum.

Protected by ligaments, Corpora Cavernosa has fibrous tissues that carry blood supply.

Now as your penis expands in length and girth the veins in your penis are blocked by the filled Corpora Caverosa.

This creates a pressure that reduces the flow of blood from the penis.

The end result???… A good old fashioned erection

Now here’s the Real Secret To Penis Enlargement…

The Corpora Cavernosa carries over 90 percent of blood during an erection…

Therefore your penis length is dependent upon the blood holding ability of the Corpora Cavernosa.

In a nutshell if you want a bigger penis you need to train and develop the Corpora Cavernosa to hold more blood.

How To Develop The Corpora Cavernosa Using Principal Of Traction

Simply put, Traction is stressing the penile tissues by stretching, and then allowing the body to rebuild itself naturally.

When Traction is applied to the penis the cells in the penile chambers, and suspensory ligament’s split and grow exponentially.

The end result is an overall growth in penis length and volume.

Traction has been used for thousands of years by various indigenous tribes across the globe.

For example the Paduang tribes from Burma grow their necks to crazy lengths with traction.


Traction is a natural way to grow body parts to crazy lengths!

Check out Nation Geographic or the Discovery Channel and you’ll see some amazing examples of traction being put to work..

Indigenous African tribes are able to grow their lips, and necks to unbelieveable lengths through traction.

Historically other walks of life have even used traction exercises to increase penis size.

The Papua Indians of New Guinea, Peruvian Cholomecs and the Sadhus in India all use this natural penis enlargement method to grow penis size by up to 18 inches!

A Popular Traction Excercise: The OK Jelq

Jelqing Technique

Jelqing is an effective way to use traction to grow your penis quickly

Here’s a popular traction exercise that you can use to make your dick grow…

Have you ever seen a cow getting milked? Simply apply the same principal to your penis.

  1. Using your dominant hand, make an OK sign by touching you index finger to your thumb.
  2. Put the index finger and thumb around the base of your penis and then gradually move the hand towards the head of your penis using the same pressure as if you were milking a cow.
  3. Let go just before reaching the head of the penis…This makes up one complete repetition.

Repeat this procedure 20 times as a beginner

You can further intensify the workout with more reps as you become more experienced in this practice.

Check This Out! How The OK Jelq Is Done! Effective And It Really Works!

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how to grow your penis

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Q: Will this actually going to work?

A: Absolutely! This system boasts a success rate of over 90 percent! and has been proven to work by thousands of men all around the world.

Q: Is it safe, will I cause damage to myself?

A: Yes, it’s 100% safe are you will not harm yourself in any way shape or form. These exercises are a medically approved method for penis enlargement.

Q: When will I see an increase in my size?

A: Some users see results in as little as a couple of weeks, the majority in one month. If you dedicate yourself to the program as specified you will see a vast improvement in the girth and length of your penis.

Q: What guarantees do I have that it will work?

A: The Penis Advantage comes with a 60 day no questions asked money-back guarantee. You have nothing to lose by giving it a try!

Q: How hard are the exercises to perform?

A: Not hard and very easy to do, the guide comes with a full set of instructions and shows you everything you need. The hard part is the dedication on your part, the exercises need to be done regularly and you only get out what you put in…

Q: Why are the results permanent?

A: The exercises break down the cells in your penis and they then repair while you are resting. Each time you do the exercises the cells grow back bigger and bigger. The the results are permanent and the results you achieve are yours.

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A: Yes, the team at the Penis Advantage are avaliable anytime to answer any questions you may have.

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The Penis Advantage comes as an online manual that is emailed to you. Once your order is placed you will be instantly emailed The Penis Enlargement Bible.

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