The Science Behind Traction Therpay For Penis Enlargement

A basic lesson on cellular division is what we need to go through in order to explain the exact way in which penile enlargement works through the use of traction. It’s basic biology, which is why the use of extenders works so great for just about every body and every penis (regardless of original size).

In cytokinesis and mitosis, cells divide into halves – identical and yet different. So-called “mother” cells continue “giving birth” to new cells. This happens every time a penis extender is used, allowing men to improve the original results they’ve gotten through the use of the extender. Just about every man who tries a male extender will see visible results in a matter of weeks.

Traction (tension) stimulates both cytokinesis and mitosis. These are the two processes that are characterized by tissue breakdown and the replacement of the damaged cells with new ones.

The principle of traction has a profound impact on corpus cavernosum – the spongy tissue inside the penis that is supplied with a big number of blood vessels. These allow blood to enter the tissue and contribute to an erection.

Traction elongates and strengthens these blood vessels, contributing to bigger and even harder erections. Through the use of a penis extender, you get to enhance your erectile response and maintain an erection for a longer period of time.

In addition, you will last longer and you will have more self-confidence stemming from the permanent increase in size that you’ve accomplished.


The Medical Proof That Shows Traction Works

Clinical Research Study #1

In this study the participants used a penis traction device for a period of 24 weeks saw an average increase in penis length of 30%.

Dr. Jørn Ege Siana, a Danish physician, was one of the first experts to study the effects of penile traction. His original study was conducted in 1998.

Published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, the study was later corroborated by other research in sequence.

During a 24-week trial period, 18 male volunteers aged 20 to 50 used a penile traction device to accomplish safe and effective enhancement. In the end of the experiment, the research team recorded the following results:

Erext penis length within the patients was boosted by an average of 13% within eight weeks of use.
• 1.1 inches (2.8 cm) average increase in erect penis length within 16 weeks (or approximately 1100 hours of active usage)
• After a 24-week trial period, an increase of 30% of erect penis length on average.
• The average weekly increase in penis length that the participants experienced was 1.9 millimeters and this gain translates to 1.8 inches (4.56 cm) in length (erect state) over the whole 24-week treatment
• The participant that saw the most prominent enhancement had a 40 percent increase in the length of his erect penis

There was one downside to the research, though – the participants had to use the device for 12 hours per day, which is way above the average.

As a conclusion, the researchers stated that a man having a penis length of 6.4 inches in erect state can see an increase to 8.26 inches through the use of a high quality penis extension device.

Within 24 weeks, men using a penis extension device can see growth that goes beyond the average penis length. Such an outcome is more than impressive, taking in consideration the fact that traction is non-invasive and safe.

Clinical Research Study #2

The manner in which a penis extender is used will determine the speed with which men are going to see results. Opting for numerous hours of use every single day will be crucial for speeding up the effectiveness of traction.

San Giovanni Battista Hospital urologists conducted an interesting study in Italy, focusing on the hours of using a penis extension device. The results of the clinical trial were published in 2008 in the British Journal of Urology. It demonstrates the benefits of moderate daily usage, meaning you wouldn’t have to spend every waking hour with a penis extender on.

In this research, 15 male volunteers used a medical-grade penis extender for half a year. The use was limited to 240 minutes per day or four hours. These four hours are only a third of the amount of time that men in the previous clinical experiment had to use their penis extender

Within six months, the researchers explored the results of the clinical study:
• The average length increase in the flaccid penis was 0.9 inches
• The average length increase in the erect penis was 0.65 inches

The researchers concluded that a clinical-grade penis traction device is a suitable, safe and effective alternative to penis enlargement surgeries that some men are willing to subject themselves to.

What Happens When You Apply Tratcion To Your Penis

Step 1: Apply The Traction Device

penis extender

Using a traction extender means that you are applying tension to the penis on a daily basis for a 4-5 hours a day over the course of a few months.

This tension and the stretching of the penis tissue is what causes the multiplication of new cells and ultimately penis growth.

Unlike other male enhancement methods, this method is 100% safe & effective!

Traction devices are very discreet and comfortable to wear - you can wear them beneath your underwear no one will ever be the wiser.

You can wear the device to work or around the house and train your penis during the day or night- It's your call

Step 2: Microscopic Tears Take Place


Hours after your first use a traction device the penis is exposed to a constant state of traction and microscopic tears will begin to form along the shaft - the process is completely pain free...

The tears will not be visible to the naked eye and can only be seen through magnification.

As these tears occur regularly along the course of the treatment, your body will recognize the gaps in the cells created in the penis tissue.

When the healing phase takes place your penis will begin to repair itself by going through a process known as "Mitosis" followed by "Cytokinesis"

This Is where the magic happens - This is where you penis starts to actually grow!

Step 3: New Cellular Growth Takes Place


When the existing penis cells begin to divide, this is called Mitosis. Once a cell divides in two, it creates new tissue. The process repeats itself for as long as new tissue is needed to replenish the gaps.

These gaps are created by the traction resulting in growth in both the length and girth of the penis take place because of this process.

The cell nucleus divides in two identical nuclei that are copies of the original. When the two cells finally split, this is Cytokinesis. Cytokenesis is the process during which cell division turns into tissue growth.

Rapid cell division will continuously provide new tissue, adding size for as long as the penis extender is used. This is why men using traction devices will see gradual increases in size that continues consistently while the device is worn.

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