SHOCKING X4 Labs Review – How I Got Myself A FREE Extender!

I first discovered this device while watching the tv show “Manswers” on SpikeTV. During the show they showed how it was clinically proven to naturally enlarge the penis using the traction technique.

They made some pretty bold claims about its effectiveness so I decided to buy one and to do this review and to give you guys my personal opinion.

In this review, I’ll go over the history of the X4 Lab’s, my own opinion after using the device, and my personal recommendation.

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Featured on many different male enhancement forums online this extender has received universal praise for giving guys real results. Want to get the X-4 labs extender for free? Read on to find out how!

How It Works

If you’re not sure about how penis extenders work I will give you a quick run down here.

The X4 labs penis extender is a traction device, essentially you put your member through the bottom ring of the extender and then strap the top of the penis in to the front part of the device.

Doing this applies traction consistently by pulling penis head gently and lightly away from the body which over time leads to an overall increase in penis length and girth

X4 Labs have put over 10 years of into research and development for their traction devices and have developed a unique and patented 52 way comfort system which gives the extender the ability to fit all shapes and sizes, a custom fit just for you.

X4 labs have designed the world’s number one selling male enhancement traction device. Over the last 10 years they have developed a strong reputation in the male enhancement industry for making quality products that are stocked in retail stores globally.

What Do You Get With The X4 Labs Extender?

Here's what you get in the package:

  • The X4 Labs Traction Device– the device itself. Comes with the base ring connection, tension rods, and the front portion for strapping your member in.
  • Various Straps to allow you to customise comfort and Accessories – this is so you can adjust and customise the overall feel of the penis while you wear it.
  • X4 Labs Instruction Manual, DVD and Housing Case – Comprehensive instructions that make it very easy to get started, plus a stylish case to put everything in for easy storage.
  • Three DVD’s As An Added Bonus– One on penis exercises, another DVD on how to improve your love life and A DVD on the best sex positions.
  • The 52 Way Comfort System – Allowing you to customise the fit so it’s super comfortable to wear for long periods of time.
  • Bonus Extra Parts – You also get enough extra parts to last you for life. Other traction device brands will make you re order additional parts when they break, you will never have to worry about this with X4 Labs.


You also get loads more. I highly recommend visiting the official X4 Labs website and check out the various package choices available.

What I Achieved Using The X-4 Labs Traction Device

The one thing that stood out to me when I first opened the box to my X4 labs extender was the overall quality of the parts. The plastic felt strong and not flimsy, the silicon felt soft and not brittle and the metal felt quite solid indeed.

I’ve written reviews on other extenders that were made in china and built using cheap and inferior parts and you can really notice the difference when comparing this with the American made X4 Labs extender. The High quality production standards are what set them apart and although the x4 labs extender is more expensive you definitely get what you pay for in terms of overall quality.

When I first tried the x4 labs with its 52 way comfort system it felt way more comfortable and fitted better than any other extender I’ve ever used before. To wear it feels solid, but not overly heavy or cumbersome. The thing I like most about it was the comfort factor. This device is very, very comfortable to wear period.

The instruction manual tells you to wear it for around 6 to 8 hours a day, but I highly recommend to wear it for just 4 to 5 hours a day for 5 days a week and for no more than 6 months.

You need to be careful with these traction devices don’t overdo it, set your goals carefully.

My personal goal was 8 inches and I started out with just 5 inches and grew 3 inches in length in 3 months. 8 inches was enough for me, large enough to impress the ladies but not too big to scare them off… remember that. Growing to big can be almost as bad as being too small in a strange kinda way. Traction is permanent it stays with you for life so be careful and don’t overdo it.

Without a doubt the X4 labs traction device is my personal favourite and is my top pick in terms of results, comfort, and overall quality. It’s also only one of 2 devices on the market that’s been medically proven to increase your penis within 6 months or less.

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